We are committed to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) when recruiting internally and externally.

We will always first promote/source from our database; that’s within at all times. Consequently, candidates/jobseekers who are duly registered on our database will be given priority before considering other candidates, provided that this supports the achievement of our EEO goals.


  1. On signup and confirmed registration, OneFocus does not guarantee any recruitment or any kind of engagement by any employer; you will be required to make yourself fully available for evaluation and selection based on client (employer) request, and must notify OneFocus immediately when any engagement is accepted with the employer;
  2. Before engagement with our client, you are expected to provide details of reliable Referees and Guarantors; you will be held reliable and accountable for any document submitted on our database and to our contract clients;
  3. After engagement, 25% of your first full month gross salary (For Salaries Under N30,000) and/or 50% (For Salaries of N30,000 and Above) shall be paid directly to OneFocus by your employer as our recruitment fee/charge. This is a one-off fee;
  4. We will provide job openings and opportunities to you but will not in any way manage your engagement/employment with our clients;
  5. You will indemnify OneFocus for any breach of this agreement on your part; 
  6. We reserve the right to vary or change all, or any of the above, at any time, with/without notice;

These Terms and Conditions constitute all the terms and conditions between OneFocus and the applicant.

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