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Our Flying Start TEAM is of the highest caliber of OneFocus volunteers and is highly trained by the Flying Start Project Staff (OneFocus Team). The Flying Start TEAM not only act as ‘role models’ and ‘mentors’ but also because they are ‘experts’ at being successful students, are ideally placed to facilitate the learning of prospective students, job seekers, and candidates in the key skills needed to adapt to Labour life. For this reason, we refer to them as Flying Start TEAM.

Person Specification 
Job Title:Flying Start (TEAM)
Department:Volunteering Support Service (VSS)
Compiled by:HR Department
Date:February 2023
AttributesEssentialDesirableMeasured By
Work Experience  An understanding of the role of a VolunteerPast experience VolunteeringApplication form/interview
Education/Qualifications  Current/past student of Secondary School or University with a WAEC or Undergraduate/Post Graduate certificationKnowledge and awareness of the Flying Start Project and VolunteeringApplication form/interview
Skills/Abilities          1. Willingness to take part in a variety of roles at OneFocus Interpersonal and leadership skills.

2. Confidence in working with staff and other Team members.

3. Communication skills.Team-working skills.
1. Experience in presenting ICT skills

2. Knowledge of the Firm, its support systems, procedures, and practices
Application Form/interview
Personal Details        1. Motivation and enthusiasm.

2. Ability to work under pressure.

3. Good personal organization and time management.

4. An interest in learning from own experience and supporting others in their personal development.

5. Reliable and trustworthy.

6. Respectful of diverse backgrounds, values, and beliefs.
 Application Form/interview

Email: OneFocus CTAS


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