OneFocus Flying Start (Internship)

The OneFocus Consulting Service (OneFocus) launched a new Volunteering Service Program March 2023 to help employers discover the best future talent, as well as employees, individuals, and students, be better prepared for their career advancement.

Being unveiled, the OneFocus dedicated Volunteering Service Programme is called The OneFocus Flying Start (OFS); is designed to engage prospective job seekers, individuals, candidates, and students with life at OneFocus, by allowing them to become familiar with the life at a corporate level, providing them with a range of academic, professional, hands-on and people’s skills and giving information about the various support structures available within the Firm. The primary purpose of the Project is to ensure that job seekers, individuals, candidates, and students have all the information they need to cope with life outside OneFocus. In this way, we can improve the Employment industry and help prevent the employment/study gap and lack of necessary experience and skillset in today’s world.

Shakirat Gbolagade, OneFocus’s Head of Client & Talent Acquisition and HR Team Lead, said: “Our Flying Start Project will help applicants of all age groups experience corporate life and workplace ethics. We’ve designed and created it to help our diverse businesses save time and resources to unearth the best fit. It’s great for both employers and employees as businesses get the right people with the skills to drive them forward while workforces are upskilled.”

The OFS will have nothing less than four (4) cohorts annually, with each cohort going through the program for about twelve (12) weeks. It is an intensive screening exercise with different stages to help us narrow down suitable applicants.

The OFS allows people to prepare to study for a qualification while working as no qualification is required. OneFocus currently has under its Voluntary Service scope; Jobcentre-related unpaid work placements, Student placements/school work experience placements, Internship placement, Employer supported volunteers, and Community service/rehabilitation placements with about 500 candidates benefiting from them across a wide range of sectors including building services, construction, digital, engineering, healthcare, legal, management, policing and professional services, and works with more than 100 employers.

Victor Aneleh, Director of Business and Strategic Analyst, added: “As a business, we believe in the development of the next generation and the ideas that younger employment cycle bring to the table keeps the old guard on their toes. We want our business to continue for many years to come and hope that in time, one or more of our interns will hold directorships.”

The second cohort of the OFS will commence on the 1st day of June 2023 for a period of 12 weeks. Interested candidates are advised to read and understand the person’s specifications/requirements before applying.

Kindly click on the link below to apply.

For inquiries call/WhatsApp us on +234 903 949 4688, +234 802 173 1719 or email us @

Visit our office, 1st Floor, Jobany Plaza by Elimgbu/Oro-Igwe Second Junction, Elimgbu Town, Port Harcourt.

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